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The Single Greatest Threat to San Diego’s Economic Growth

San Diego County is in a housing crisis with a shortage of safe housing. How can we build resilient communities and continue to fuel our local economy if San Diegans can’t afford to live here? Housing is a foundational issue that affects all income sectors.


increase in the median home price in San Diego County in the past five years


of San Diego Community College District students are housing insecure


of San Diegans spend more than 30% of their income on housing

Our Goal

Support the creation of 1,000 new housing units each year by 2034.

We are dedicated to ending San Diego’s Housing Crisis by accomplishing the following:

The Beginning of the End to San Diego’s Housing Crisis.


Target Commitment per Project


Housing Units per Year


Housing Units Over the Next Decade

How the Fund Works

The San Diego Housing Fund is taking a new, unique approach to provide faster, more efficient housing production across the spectrum of affordability for all San Diegans.

The Ecosystem

We are bringing together the right partners to build homes faster and more affordably and grow smart, resilient communities.


Developers, architects and real estate operators

For Developers

Property Owners

Government, education and religious institutions and nonprofit organizations

For Property Owners

Investors & Donors

Public and private companies, philanthropic organizations, family offices and private investors

For Investors

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Our in-house experts are experienced, community-focused, and results-driven. They bring decades of expertise in fundraising, finance and investments, real estate development and public policy.

The San Diego Foundation staff provides SDHF services in fundraising, public policy, information technology, marketing and human resources.

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Meet the Board and Team

Nicole Forrest
Executive Director
San Diego Housing Fund

James Howell, CFA, CTP
Board Member & Managing Partner
San Diego Housing Fund

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