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Diego’s Future

The San Diego Housing Fund is an evergreen investment vehicle deploying mission-aligned philanthropic capital and purpose-driven investment to accelerate housing production at all income levels.

Backed by bold investors and visionary philanthropists, the San Diego Housing Fund delivers a moderate rate of return, strengthens our local economy and builds thriving, resilient communities where families can thrive for generations.

World-Class Investment Opportunity

San Diego Housing Fund activates vacant or underutilized land from trusted property owners, and partners with investors on philanthropic capital to bridge financing gaps. The result is San Diego families are housed faster and more affordably.

Active or Vacant Underutilized Land.

  • Low Or No Cost.
  • Ground Lease or Fee Simple.
  • Activate Vacant and Underutilized Land.

Trusted Partner for Major Institutional Landowners.

  • Government, Quasi-government, Education, and Religious.
  • Strong Alignment to Improved Housing Accessibility.
  • Cash Poor/Resource Rich.

Housing Across the Spectrum of Affordability

Transitional Support

Low Income

Middle Income

Market Rate

Measuring Our Success

The San Diego Housing Fund will help thousands of local families gain access to affordable housing in our region. Here is what success will look like within the next decade:

The Experts

Our in-house experts are experienced, community-focused, and results driven. They bring decades of expertise in fundraising, finance and investments, real estate development and public policy.

Meet Our Team

Key Partners

We pursue innovative partnerships with community groups, associations, residents and other stakeholders to address San Diego’s housing crisis together. If you share our commitment, we welcome you to join us in our mission.

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