The Beginning of the End to San Diego's Housing Crisis


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Housing Units Over the Next Decade

We’re Thinking Differently About Accessible, Affordable Housing

San Diego Housing Fund creates new opportunities for public, private and social partners committed to making an impact by:


Underutilized Land.

We work with local government agencies, nonprofits, schools, individuals and other property owners to identify vacant or underused land and properties to unlock their potential for future generations.

Leveraging Philanthropic Capital.

San Diego Housing Fund offers balanced returns for bold investors and philanthropists who want to make life-changing impacts for low-income and working families in our region and promoting equitable growth.

Increasing Speed to Market.

San Diego Housing Fund accelerates development timelines by providing real estate developers access to parcels prime for development, filling critical financing gaps increases the pace that housing projects can come to market for the benefit of all San Diegans.

Housing Families Faster.

San Diego Housing Fund accelerates construction timelines for mixed income communities with a focus on affordability. We serve a majority of low- and middle-income households, support diverse neighborhoods and provide more housing options at an accelerated pace.

Creating Thriving Communities.

We can only thrive as a community, as a city, and as a region, by coming together to ensure access to stable, safe housing. Working together, San Diego Housing Fund collaborates with investors, real estate developers, property owners and others to build homes faster and create smart, resilient communities throughout San Diego.

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We’re Mission-Driven.

San Diego Housing Fund is a visionary initiative of San Diego Foundation, our region’s largest community foundation with a near-50-year track record of fundraising expertise, prudent investments, and impactful results. The Foundation has invested more than $1.7 billion to address the biggest challenges facing San Diego and beyond.

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